We offer a wide range of services to our customers; the client will be able to pick and choose which services you require. We can tailor every requirement to your specific needs and requirements.

 Basis Support
Our company understands when our customers require help to support the environment they have just implemented, collectively we have over 60 years experience of SAP within the company. We can provide the best consultants to hit the ground running. They will be able to pick up all support activities promptly and will be seamless to the customer. We only use the highest quality of consultants all having over 10 years experience in SAP arena.
 Training / Knowledge Transfer
We can provide training for the new support team and outstanding knowledge transfer for the customer/client. We are very passionate about delivering the systems with SAP standards incorporated to the builds. We offer a bespoke service were we can produce training material and exercises to help the new support team take on the new systems.
 SAP Performance / Health Checks
We can help with those performance issues no one else can find, we will produce a report so even the most senior management can understand and digest. We will recommend fixes and what is required to get your system well again.
 Database Maintenance
We also specialise in database maintenance, this activities would include upgrades, patching, performance tuning, expected growth and archiving. Archiving helps to promote quicker searches, backups and general performance.


Our SAP ERP Consulting service guides customers throughout the enterprise solutions life cycle to extract maximum value from SAP investments. Our integrated consulting and IT services capabilities bring continuity and consistency to customer’s strategic programs.
Our rich experience in executing end-to-end implementations cut-across diverse industries. To accelerate the SAP implementation lifecycle, we have developed templates that provide cost-effective services with accelerated deployment across all user groups, resulting in better return on investment for our clients.
As a company we provide an outstanding service to capture all requirements for the SAP upgrades. We will endeavour to create a working relationship with client plan and detail what is required from every upgrade project. The number of complex SAP products upgrades under our belt has allowed us to develop a comprehensive methodology supported by tools and accelerators, for rapid upgrade implementation with define timelines and predictable cost.